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Top Cryptocurrency Payment Apps That You Should Know

Top Cryptocurrency Payment Apps That You Should Know
Are you a crypto enthusiast? Want to perform crypto transactions using a user-friendly payment app? Want to know which are the best options that are available? This article has got you covered.  Table of Contents  What is Crypto Payment App? Best Crypto Payment Apps of 2021  Apple Pay To Be Used to Spend Bitcoin: Recent … Read More

Digital Subscribers on TIME Magazine can now pay with crypto

TIME magazine has allowed its subscribers to make payments using their crypto assets. This move will be possible after its partnership with cryptp.com. TIME Magazine [...]

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards to Use in 2021

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards to Use in 2021
Wondering what the most popular Bitcoin debit cards available in 2021? This article talks about the top Bitcoin debit cards that can let you spend cryptocurrency.  Table of Contents  What are Bitcoin Debit Cards? Popular Bitcoin Debit Cards You Should Know  Concluding Lines  What are Bitcoin Debit Cards? Bitcoin is now over 12 years old, … Read More

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase is Permitting Traders and Investors to Purchase Stocks

According to the latest announcement, Coinbase, an American cryptocurrency exchange platform, is all set to go live within two weeks, allowing investors and traders to purchase stocks in the trading platform.  An official announcement states that Coinbase’s stock will begin trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol COIN on April 14, … Read More

Visa Testing Crypto-Based Transaction Settlement Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has done quite a number on the world’s economy, one many parts of society have yet to recover from. The blockchain industry, [...]