TCN Tokens Will Be Officially Listed on Coinsbit Exchange By May 10

  Find out the back story of the Tech token network project Why TCN chose Tron blockchain? Recent activities and upcoming plans on the great source- The Tech Token Network TCN and Coinsbit disclosed their partnership for listing TCN tokens TCN token owners can trade with Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether as their trading pairs from … Read More

WINk (WIN) soars as retail DeFi investors flee high Etheruem gas costs

WINk’s low-cost yield farming offerings are attracting retail DeFi investors who have been priced out of Uniswap due to high Ethereum gas costs.

Ethereum fees are skyrocketing — But traders have alternatives

The issue of scalability is vital if blockchain and decentralized applications are to accommodate a massive user base.

A Brief Introduction to Polkadot

A Brief Introduction to Polkadot
Curious to know what Polkadot is? How does it work, and what makes it different from other Blockchains? Why is it gaining a lot of attention? Well, we have got you covered.  Table of Contents  What is Polkadot? Exceptional Features of Polkadot Blockchain  Polkadot to Become a Top 3 Blockchain  The Future  What is Polkadot? … Read More

Ontology- A Decentralized Identity Framework and its Wide Applications

Ontology-A-Decentralized-Identity-Framework-and-its -Wide -Applications
Curious to understand what Ontology platform is? Why is it under the limelight for long? How can it transform the automotive industry? So let’s get started.    Table of Contents    Overview of Ontology Ontology: An Expanding Network Its Latest Decentralized Identity Solution Ontology to Build Trust in the Automotive Industry The Verdict    Overview … Read More