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Role of NFT in DeFi

Role of NFT in DeFi
The NFT space has become all about digital art and collectibles. Each featured headline is about some amazingly overrated photoshop collage or GIF, and the zeal surrounding NFTs has become a full-blown trend. New artists, as well as established ones, musicians, and animators are making use of the best NFT and flooding the media and … Read More

How to Market Your STO (Security Token Offering) Successfully?

Because of the high potential of blockchain in transforming the world, financial services can be enhanced by crypto assets. Undoubtedly, nowadays, people are aware or familiar with utility tokens. But the concept of STO is still new in the market.STO stands for security... – The Best New Crypto Signals Provider for 2021

Cryptocurrency trading can be challenging even for experienced day traders. The market is extremely volatile, there are dozens of top coins to follow, and trade [...]

Decentralized technology can help protect democracy around the globe

Privacy-focused decentralized and peer-to-peer technology solutions offer a better alternative to centralized platforms.

$37.5 Million stolen from Alpha Finance in another DeFi attack

A recent report revealed that a hacker has succeeded in stealing $37.5 Million from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects Alpha Finance in a flash-loan attack. Although [...]

Free TON to merge with Dune Network in decentralized M&A deal

The Free TON–Dune Network merger represents one of the first decentralized M&A deals.