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Shanghai Man: Economist says El Salvador ‘on road to death’, salaries paid in e-CNY …

Former banking heads question foreign financial policies, workers paid with digital yuan in milestone pilot and a large Series A is closed by DeFi platform SynFutures.

JPMorgan’s Career Pages Brings Up Blockchain Job Positions

According to the latest announcement, JPMorgan’s career pages post several jobs for Blockchain enthusiasts. It was noted that it bought 56 open positions, with 34 including the tech in the job title. Last year, JPMorgan continued on a Blockchain rampage by bringing multiple jobs to the industry. At that time, Indeed.com reported JPMorgan Chase as … Read More

Paxful To Provide Fiat On-Ramps to Singaporean Crypto Exchange Bityard

P2P trading platform Paxful recently partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Bityard to provide fiat on-ramp services in Singapore. It will provide users access to more than [...]

Earth needs Bitcoin as economy hits ‘debt saturation point’ — Keiser

Earth is reaching a historic “inflection point,” Keiser warns after Singapore’s central bank admits that more debt is not an option for anyone.

Blockchain-Based App to Make Travel During the Pandemic Easier

Wondering what role blockchain can play in containing the coronavirus pandemic? How can a blockchain-based app make travel easier? This article will answer all these questions.    Table of Contents    Blockchain and COVID-19 Outbreak Blockchain- An Essential Tool During Pandemic  ICC AOKpass to Verify COVID-19 Results Instantly Conclusion: Blockchain is More Than Bitcoin   … Read More