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Shanghai Man: Economist says El Salvador ‘on road to death’, salaries paid in e-CNY …

Former banking heads question foreign financial policies, workers paid with digital yuan in milestone pilot and a large Series A is closed by DeFi platform SynFutures.

China’s Biggest Cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Plan to Promote CBDC in 2021

China's Biggest Cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Plan to Promote CBDC in 2021
According to the latest announcement, Beijing and Shanghai, which are the biggest cities in China, are planning to hold pilots to promote CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) this year. According to a Global Times report, this effort would lead to a positive start and could pave the way for the digital currency’s official launch. CBDCs … Read More

Russian Officials Must Declare Crypto Holdings

In a new move, Russian authorities have announced that officials have to start declaring their crypto holdings. They reversed a 2018 decision that did not [...]

Permissionless Blockchain Project, Conflux Network to Act as a Global DeFi Bridge

Permissionless-Blockchain-Project,Conflux-Network- to-Act-as-a Globa -DeFi-Bridge
Conflux Network has formally launched its Tree Graph Research Institute with the government of Shanghai, according to the latest announcement. This launch will experiment with building a regulatory compliance platform that can bridge global Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications and government regulations.    Fan Long, Conflux Founder, and Tree Graph Research Institute Director, claims that DeFi … Read More

Chinese state-endorsed public chain to act as a global DeFi bridge, says Conflux CEO

Chinese Free Trade Zone is open to experimenting with permissionless DeFi applications.