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Which Industries Have Adopted Blockchain Technology?

Which Industries Have Adopted Blockchain Technology
Are you a Blockchain enthusiast? Wondering which industries have adopted Blockchain and how? Well, you have landed on the right page. This article enlists top industries that have adopted Blockchain for good.  Table of Contents Top Industries Leveraging Blockchain Technology  Concluding Lines: Is Blockchain a Room for Development? Top Industries Leveraging Blockchain Technology  The majority … Read More

Bitcoin flippens Russian ruble after Tesla purchase

The crypto asset's market capitalization has also overtaken Tesla's again, following an overnight price surge.

How CBDC Affected Crypto Space and What’s Next?

Wondering what exactly CBDC is? How it affected crypto space in 2020, and what will it bring for the future? You have landed on the right page. Table of Contents What Exactly is CBDC? Why is CBDC Gaining Momentum? CBDC’s Effect on Crypto Space in 2020 and What’s Next in 2021? Concluding Lines  What Exactly … Read More

Russian Officials Must Declare Crypto Holdings

In a new move, Russian authorities have announced that officials have to start declaring their crypto holdings. They reversed a 2018 decision that did not [...]

Russia’s business mogul picks interest in a new DeFi project

Russian businessman Aleksandr Lebedev is supporting a new decentralized finance project, which will compete across a wide range of financial products. The self-professed “ex-oligarch” is [...]

Crooked police chief sentenced to 8 years for dark web shenanigans

The charges are reminiscent of events that took place during the "Silk Road" saga.