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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Realizes the Future of Payments

The advancement in technology is undeniable. And everything nowadays is available at our fingertips. In recent years, the number of users investing in...

Report: India Mulling Banning IP Addresses of Crypto Exchanges

Speculations are growing that the government may consider blocking internet protocol (IP) addresses of crypto-facing businesses and firms operating in the country.  This step was [...]

Searching deep: The quest for Bitcoin scalability through layer two protocols

The quest for a workable Bitcoin scalability solution is still ongoing with developmental efforts in protocols like the Lightning Network and Statechains.

India’s Largest Crypto Exchange ‘Unocoin’ To Use Unstoppable Domains

India's Largest Crypto Exchange 'Unocoin' To Use Unstoppable Domains
According to the latest announcement, Unocoin, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, will use Blockchain-based Unstoppable Domains in order to create and host Blockchain-based URLs. Despite the nation’s impending Bitcoin ban, the partnership between Unocoin and Unstoppable Domains has been signed, and Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper funds the partnership.  Unocoin is India’s leading Crypto company that … Read More

PayPal’s crypto integration means Bitcoin could triple its user base

PayPal’s crypto integration may bode well for Bitcoin price as its user base could triple