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5 Blockchain Predictions Moving Forward

Most of the information and technology in 2021 is on the verge to adapt new changes to attain faster and more predominant communication. That is why Blockchain technology is already on the verge of embarking a stern existent into the framework.Thus, many blockchain...

Decentralized technology can help protect democracy around the globe

Privacy-focused decentralized and peer-to-peer technology solutions offer a better alternative to centralized platforms.

Coinbase hemorrhages employees following controversial culture stance

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong publishes further details about his company's changing landscape.

Wisconsin State Candidate Launches Bitcoin Donation Platform 

Bitcoin’s prominent role in politics is coming to the limelight once more as a state assembly candidate in Wisconsin launches a Bitcoin donations page. Earlier [...]

The great unbanking: How DeFi is completing the job Bitcoin started

While most of us will prefer to forget the horrors of 2020, DeFi may well prove to be the guarantee of a better, more liberated future.

Mark Warner Takes on Big Tech and Russian Spies

In mid-November, as his House colleagues on Capitol Hill were consumed with questions about Ukraine and impeachment, Senator Mark Warner took to CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss what he saw as one of the most important problems facing the country: Fitbit.Or, more specifically, the...