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Ontology- A Decentralized Identity Framework and its Wide Applications

Ontology-A-Decentralized-Identity-Framework-and-its -Wide -Applications
Curious to understand what Ontology platform is? Why is it under the limelight for long? How can it transform the automotive industry? So let’s get started.    Table of Contents    Overview of Ontology Ontology: An Expanding Network Its Latest Decentralized Identity Solution Ontology to Build Trust in the Automotive Industry The Verdict    Overview … Read More

Indian Police Investigate Crypto Exchange Accused of Running Mining Scam

Cryptocurrency fraud is currently running rampant across several countries. India is one of the countries with the most common of such criminal activities, and law [...]

Blockchain-Based App to Make Travel During the Pandemic Easier

Wondering what role blockchain can play in containing the coronavirus pandemic? How can a blockchain-based app make travel easier? This article will answer all these questions.    Table of Contents    Blockchain and COVID-19 Outbreak Blockchain- An Essential Tool During Pandemic  ICC AOKpass to Verify COVID-19 Results Instantly Conclusion: Blockchain is More Than Bitcoin   … Read More

How to determine the blockchain application development cost?

Every mobile application is built with different protocols and costs differently. Similarly, a blockchain app’s cost also differs following your goal, efforts, features,...

Benefits of using blockchain technology for mobile applications

Most mobile app users worldwide use blockchain technology. Most countries now support the blockchain as the best way to pay the payment. The...