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Seoul Government Confiscates Crypto worth $22M from Tax Evaders

The city government of Seoul has confiscated cryptocurrencies worth $22 million from tax evaders. The digital assets were recovered from individuals and company executives. The [...]

CoinMarketCap removes South Korea crypto exchanges from Bitcoin price tracker

“If the prices on South Korean exchanges stabilize, then we will add the data back in, but that hasn’t happened yet,” said a CoinMarketCap spokesperson.

Which Industries Have Adopted Blockchain Technology?

Which Industries Have Adopted Blockchain Technology
Are you a Blockchain enthusiast? Wondering which industries have adopted Blockchain and how? Well, you have landed on the right page. This article enlists top industries that have adopted Blockchain for good.  Table of Contents Top Industries Leveraging Blockchain Technology  Concluding Lines: Is Blockchain a Room for Development? Top Industries Leveraging Blockchain Technology  The majority … Read More

LINE In Discussions With Central Banks Of Asia Regarding CBDC Projects

LINE, the Japan-based messaging giant, had a spokesperson go to the press to announce that it is currently in discussions with central banks of Asia. [...]

South Korean Blockchain Advocacy Group Calls for Tax Laws Postponement 

However, while adoption appears to be on the rise in South Korea, industry experts have also urged the government to create an encouraging environment or [...]