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$3.6B in Bitcoin vanishes in ‘hack’ along with owners of South African crypto platform

Billions worth of Bitcoin has reportedly vanished along with the operators of South African crypto firm AfriCrypt. Is it a scam or a hack?

Bitcoin derivatives data shows pro traders ignored today’s $41K pump

Bitcoin price may have pumped 10% to $41,000 but derivatives indicators show top traders aren’t feeling so bullish.

What algorithm is adopted to protect the security of Blockchain?

What algorithm is adopted to protect the security of Blockchain
If you have been following cryptocurrency over the last decade, you must have heard the word “Blockchain”,  the record-keeping methodology behind the Bitcoin network. Blockchain technology is basically a distributed database that keeps a continuous rising list of protected records from external emendation. Approximately 5% of the world population use this technology. But, is blockchain … Read More

A Quick Guide On How To Start Crypto Trading

A Quick Guide on How to Start Crypto Trading
Are you wondering how to start crypto trading? This article enlists essential steps that will help you kick off your crypto trading learning journey. Table of Contents  What is Crypto Trading? How it Differs from Forex Trading? Steps on How to Start Trading Cryptocurrencies Concluding Lines  What is Crypto Trading? Interest in crypto trading has … Read More

Will Bitcoin Reach All-Time High of $100K in 2021?

Will Bitcoin Reach All-Time High of $100K in 2021
Are you a Crypto enthusiast? Wondering whether BTC will beat all records and reach $100k this year or not? Well, you have landed on the right page. This article talks about the history of Bitcoin, from where it all started, reasons that accelerated its price, and finally analyzing whether BTC could really hit $100K Table … Read More

Myths About Cryptocurrencies That You Should Know About

Are you one of those who find cryptocurrencies confusing? In this article, we will clarify commonly judged misconceptions about Cryptocurrency. So let’s get started.   Table of Contents   Overview  Myths About Cryptocurrency  The Verdict    Overview    The advent of cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm. Despite its popularity, people do not have … Read More