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Can Dfinity Internet Computer (ICP) Token Sustain Wild Opening Day Rally?

Dfinity Foundation, a non-profit tech organisation focused on disrupting the internet while leveraging blockchain technology, has launched its much-anticipated Internet Computer protocol and its native [...]

Pro traders buy the Bitcoin price dip while retail investors chase altcoins

Data shows pro traders are heavily accumulating the current dip in Bitcoin price while retail investors are occupied with trading altcoins.

BTC December futures reach $73,500 — Is everyone flipping ultra bullish?

Bitcoin’s three-month futures premium reached a record-high of 50%, signaling market inefficiencies.

Sharp Bitcoin price move brewing as BTC volatility falls to a 16-month low

Bitcoin volatility has fallen to a 16-month low, signalling that a sharp move in BTC looms.

JPMorgan Dips a Toe Into Analysis of Bitcoin Futures Volatility

Jamie Dimon may think bitcoin is a “fraud,” but that isn’t stopping JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists from analyzing volatility for the cryptocurrency.“At a time when volatilities across asset classes have plummeted, this presents us with the oddity of an asset with extreme daily moves,”...

Bitcoin Has Some Bad News, and Nobody Cares

What would dampen a buyer's enthusiasm for Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency whose uncharted, speculative price bubble has eclipsed history's tulip manias and gold rushes?Three things come to mind: a security breach or theft, a major retailer warning against its patchy record as a method of...