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3 reasons why Ethereum may underperform Bitcoin in the short-term

Ether could take longer than 12 months to regain ground versus Bitcoin due to increased uncertainties surrounding the shift to ETH 2.0 and reservations from institutional investors.

MetaMask’s ConsenSys Reveals New “Custom Networks” Layer 2 Solution

At this point, everyone with their ear to the ground knows of Ethereum’s massive problem when it comes to transaction fees on the Layer 1 [...]

Ethereum: New Updates, Changes, and Delays

Ethereum is always under the limelight, and therefore in this article, we will explore how the Ethereum community has gone through several changes and new updates since its public mainnet launch.    Table of Contents    Ethereum- The King of Smart Contracts  Deep Delve into Ethereum Phases Eth 2.0: The Next Big Thing  Concluding Lines  … Read More

Bitcoin and Ethereum: From Unstable Assets to Mainstream Adoption

Are you planning to buy or invest in cryptocurrencies? Finding difficulty in deciding the best cryptocurrency? Wondering why Bitcoin and Ethereum are always under the limelight? Why will the market of BTC and ETH will explode? This article will cover everything. So let’s get started.    Table of Contents   Cryptocurrencies Revisiting 2020 Bitcoin and … Read More

Justin Drake from the Ethereum Foundation is coming to Disrupt Berlin

The Ethereum community is hard at work on Ethereum 2.0, the next major upgrade of its blockchain. It is an incredibly challenging task,...