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Should you consider EOS for your blockchain development?

The world has witnessed a massive technological advancement. People dealing in digital currencies demand a safe and secure environment. But the traditional forms of blockchain development have some loopholes. And the latest technologies are thus being introduced in the market. One such platform...

A detailed history of blockchain: From the Establishment to Broad Adoption

A detailed history of blockchain From the Establishment to Broad Adoption
Blockchain has gotten an ample amount of appreciation in the most recent couple of years, with the potential to come across as an extraordinary power to transform businesses. Blockchain technology is a computerized record of an action that is copied and conveyed across the whole organization of the blockchain platform through computer networks. Sounds confusing, … Read More

Blockchain Technology is Advancing Health Technology

Healthcare infrastructural system has been a prolonging issue in every country, be it a developed nation or an underdeveloped nation. It is much needed that the healthcare industry moves on to better information technology solutions that serve a better functioning framework.However, it wasn’t...

5 Blockchain Predictions Moving Forward

Most of the information and technology in 2021 is on the verge to adapt new changes to attain faster and more predominant communication. That is why Blockchain technology is already on the verge of embarking a stern existent into the framework.Thus, many blockchain...

Top Cryptocurrency Payment Apps That You Should Know

Top Cryptocurrency Payment Apps That You Should Know
Are you a crypto enthusiast? Want to perform crypto transactions using a user-friendly payment app? Want to know which are the best options that are available? This article has got you covered.  Table of Contents  What is Crypto Payment App? Best Crypto Payment Apps of 2021  Apple Pay To Be Used to Spend Bitcoin: Recent … Read More

How Can Blockchain Reduce Cyber Risks?

How Can Blockchain Reduce Cyber Risks
If you are new to the concept of Blockchain and wondering what roles it plays in reducing and preventing cyber risks, this article has got you covered. Let’s delve deeper and get started. Table of Contents  Overview  Role of Blockchain in Combating Cyber Risks Concluding Lines  Overview  As technology is progressing, the vulnerability risks associated … Read More