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Beeple’s $69 Million NFT Buyer Says NFTs Could Democratize Digital Arts

The mysterious buyer of Beeple’s ‘Everyday: The First 5000 Days’ has been revealed to be an entrepreneur and angel investor, Vignesh Sundaresan. No Regrets For [...]

Facebook answers how Libra taxes & anti-fraud will work

Facebook provided TechCrunch with new information on how its cryptocurrency will stay legal amidst allegations from President Trump that Libra could facilitate “unlawful behavior.” Facebook and Libra Association executives tell me they expect Libra will incur sales tax and capital gains taxes. They...

Trumps Twitter Meeting, an Ethereum Thief, and More News

President Donald Trump tweeted invective at Twitter again this morning, but this time Jack Dorsey took the conversation off-platform to the White House. In other news, a controversial US Census question creates some strange bedfellows, and a "blockchain bandit" is pilfering millions in cryptocurrency....

What Robert Mueller Knowsand 9 Areas He’ll Pursue Next

When the history books are written, Rod Rosenstein might just be the most interesting figure of the Russia investigation—the beleaguered deputy attorney general whose memo in his first days on the job was used to justify the firing of James Comey. After that he...