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Perlin (PERL) price gains 100% as the focus on green energy solutions intensifies

PERL price defied the marketwide downturn with a 100% rally following the release of an environmentally friendly focused platform that provides users with carbon credits.

How to verify DeFi tokens?

The recent rise of the DeFi industry has attracted the attention of many investors while the lack of solid regulations has resulted in numerous scams. In this article, we are going to discuss DeFi tokens and give some advice on what investors can do to avoid money losses. What is a DeFi token? In a … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Applications

A Beginner's Guide to Decentralized Applications
Are you a Blockchain enthusiast? Wondering what dApps are? Want to build your own dApp and get started as a Blockchain Developer? Well, we have got you covered. Before you start making apps, let’s deeply understand what these applications are.   Table of Contents  What are dApps? How dApps Differ From Traditional Apps? dApps and their … Read More

Pros say Bitcoin’s ‘very healthy’ correction ‘builds ground for more stable growth’

Bitcoin price tumbled below a key support level but financial experts agree that the correction clears the way for further upside.

Decentralized Finance Lending Protocol’ Compound’ to Offer Cross-Chain Borrowing Via Gateway

Decentralized Finance Lending Protocol' Compound' to Offer Cross-Chain Borrowing Via Gateway
According to the latest announcement, the well-known decentralized finance lending protocol ‘Compound’ will offer cross-chain borrowing through a protocol named Gateway.   The report describes the new Gateway chain as a cross-chain interest rate market that allows users to borrow assets native to one chain with collateral from another chain.  Initially, in December, Compound Finance originally … Read More

Second-Largest DeFi Liquidation Day Sees $24 Million Lost

Well, it eventually happened. The 22nd of February marks a crypto DeFi market crash. In fact, the crash itself has caused enough liquidations to rank [...]