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Blockchain in Action — 16 Inspirational Examples

If you want to have a decentralized record of digital data accessible by all, then better fix your gaze towards blockchain technology. To break a single word into two, Blockchain has information in which the data (i.e., the block) is deposited inside a...

VORTECS Report: Storage coins rev up gains as Markets Pro rides the green wave

Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivered a market-moving NewsQuake on Storj to subscribers this week, while the VORTECS Score picked up bullish conditions for Filecoin.

Growth hacker uses crypto to help the unhoused

Giacomo Arcaro distributed more than $20,000 worth of Ether to some of New York City's homeless population last weekend.

Stellar Blockchain Announced an Anticipated Integration with USD Coin

Stellar Blockchain Announced an Anticipated Integration with USD Coin
According to the latest announcement, Stellar Blockchain, an open-source, decentralized protocol for digital currency, has anticipated integration with USD Coin (USDC), which means users can transact with the second-largest stablecoin USDC on the Stellar Blockchain. Initially, an announcement was made by the Centre consortium in the month of October 2020 declaring that USDC will soon … Read More

The great unbanking: How DeFi is completing the job Bitcoin started

While most of us will prefer to forget the horrors of 2020, DeFi may well prove to be the guarantee of a better, more liberated future.

Coinbase is acquiring a securities dealer in order to trade your startup tokens

Every day, tech investors and reporters are pitched on new services that intend to generate digital tokens that its creators expect will trade . . . somewhere. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Coinbase, known currently for trading a handful of the largest cryptocurrencies, wants to...