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Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability (CBDC) | New Forms of Digital Money

Firstly, let’s start by explaining Central Bank Digital Currency, i.e., CBDC, which necessarily denotes the fiat-like currency of a nation. These are mostly present by making utilization of electronic records or digital token to represent the virtual form.It has been years since digital...

Chris Giancarlo: U.S. risks becoming ‘backwater’ without central bank digital currency

The former CFTC chairman weighs in on what a U.S. CBDC might look like, as well as the benefits it could bring to American citizens.

US Financial Watchdogs Moving Towards Robust Regulatory Framework

Financial watchdogs around the world have been making great efforts to identify loopholes in the crypto market, with the aim of developing a robust regulatory [...]

Bank of England and UK Parliament get ‘Bitcoin fixes this’ treatment

The BoE has recently taken greater steps towards the rollout of a central bank digital currency.

PayPal CEO Speculates Its Crypto Commerce Will Reach $200M In Months

Bitcoin’s price is reaching brand new all-time highs, and major corporations that already boast existing crypto offerings are starting to make grander plans for the [...]

Payment Network Visa Now Uses USDC as Settlement Currency

US credit card-issuing company Visa announced on Monday its intention of facilitating crypto payments through its network. Visa Completes First Crypto Pilot Test Visa strategic [...]