Success Story: Edwin Liava’a

“I have been an advocate for Blockchain for some time but with no certification. The Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) gave me the opportunity to get certified. Without any certification, it was very difficult to convince clients of the viability of a Blockchain solution,” says Edwin Liava’a, who successfully completed his certification course from Blockchain Council.

Edwin believes that Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) Certification that he acquired from Blockchain Council will solidify his credibility as a Blockchain solutions provider and developer.

Edwin Liava’a

Edwin describes himself as a Certified Blockchain Expert with more than 20 years of career working in the Pacific Islands region, providing contextualized solutions and capacity building in information systems and communication technologies.

He has worked for Pacific regional and international development organizations such as the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) and the Pacific Community (SPC) in the past. Being a technocrat, Edwin is an advocate of Blockchain, hashgraph, foss4g, and satellite technology for providing internet connectivity to the under-served communities. 

Without any certification, Edwin was finding it difficult to convince his clients about the viability of a Blockchain solution. Now, as he has gained certification and became a Certified Blockchain Expert, he believes that acquired certification will help him achieve his goals.

When asked what his takeaways from the online training were, he stated that he had learned that Blockchain is the future of digital assets and the supply chain ecosystem.

He feels confident and satisfied with the acquired certification. In his words, “The Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) Certification will solidify my credibility as a Blockchain solutions provider and developer.”

Success Story: Edwin Liava’a