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How to write a whitepaper in 6 steps: B2B technology marketing


All business owners out there focus on turning their new prospects into loyal customers. So, firstly you need to be well-aware of your business, and for that, you need to provide beneficial content like videos, blog posts, and others.

But one form of content that has become popular and achieved a lot of attraction, especially in the B2B technology market, is a Whitepaper. Opt for Ethereum whitepaper solutions for developing a next-generation decentralized platform. Here are the 6 basic steps to write an efficient whitepaper.

How to write a whitepaper

Choose a valuable topic:

Before commencing with your whitepaper, you will need some beforehand planning. Firstly, you will have to brainstorm ideas for topics that you want to cover. You must make sure that your whitepaper addresses a specific topic in your industry that has not yet been addressed in a whitepaper till now.

Also, you can choose a topic that can do a better job of addressing compared to your competitors. To begin with it, you can look at examples from your competitors. After that, try thinking about the problems that take place in your industry regularly.

Focus on the problems of research-industry, associated content like webinars, podcasts, blog posts, and videos. Remember that your content is an authoritative piece, so you need to write about topics on which you have the proper knowledge.

Determine your audience:

Remember that everything you do is to impress your audience. And it is the only way to be successful in this field. You may look at blockchain whitepaper solutions if you want the simplest problem-solving technology. To understand your audience, look for the requirements of your existing and new audience.

Make sure that your whitepaper aligns directly with the needs of your audience. Then, try to figure out who will be the ones reading your whitepaper because it eliminates the overuse of resources and money. And to do so, you need to take a look at your buyer persona. It will help you to decide what are the problems that you will be solving and how you are going to market them to your target audience when the process is complete.

Provide an enticing headline:

The next thing that you need to do is come up with a perfect title or headline for your whitepaper. Your title should speak about the problem that you are going to solve for your readers with the content, or at least the reader must get benefitted.

Include an active headline, and try to include a number into it. For example, you may write “10 methods to expand B2B business” or “Top 15 marketing automation techniques to boost conversions”. In case you want to be a bit more descriptive, you may also add a subtitle.

Consider an executive summary:

You must write an executive summary that will be no more than 200 words, and it must describe what your whitepaper is all about. You can put the executive summary on the landing page where you will be promoting your whitepaper. You can write an executive summary either as a short descriptive paragraph or in a bullet list. You can also include it in the whitepaper itself in the overview section.

Understand that your audience is busy. Thus, the executive summary must be just as much enticing as the headline. And make sure that it convinces your audience readers to download the whitepaper. So, to get professional help in writing an effective executive summary, you can opt for ICO whitepaper writing services.

Outline and write your whitepaper:

Before starting to write, properly outline your whitepaper. It must include an introduction where you will describe the topic, the challenge, an overview that defines the terms that you will use, the body where you will discuss the topic, a conclusion for wrapping up, and a call-to-action that will tell the customer what to do in the next step. Any whitepaper development company will help you to do it correctly.

Now, after all your preparation, start composing it. Make use of promotional language, focus on creating values for your audience, do not make any claims without solid proof of data and statistics, use real-life problems, and use active language throughout. Make sure not to make it boring.

Focus on designing, and write snappy landing page text:

To make your whitepaper pop, you need to focus on designing it well. Insert professional fonts, graphs, charts, and interesting graphics to make it look well presentable. Do not forget to include page numbers and a table of content so that your audience can scan through your whitepaper quickly. After your whitepaper is written and designed, it is time for you to convert it to a PDF and promote it with an enticing landing page.

Gather your customers’ information like their name, job title, and email ID to directly mail them the whitepaper so that they can download it later. Include a picture of the cover of your whitepaper along with the executive summary. Once you have the details of your prospects, you can start moving them through the buyer’s journey.


So, these were the 6 indispensable steps that you need to opt for while writing a whitepaper. For creating an enticing whitepaper, try to provide as much information as possible. It will ultimately convince your target audience to continue on their buyer’s journey. And, you will be successfully able to convert your new prospects into potenktial customers.

How to write a whitepaper in 6 steps: B2B technology marketing



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