5 things for January 10: Immigration, gerrymandering, Michael Cohen, mudslides, quake

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DACA is alive — for now. A federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s efforts to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects from deportation about 700,000 young undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children. President Trump had said he would end the program in March unless Congress came up with a fix.
So, how will this affect the negotiations going on in Washington about DACA and immigration? Trump’s televised and nearly hour-long meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on the subject, while fascinating, didn’t exactly produce any clarity on the issue, partially because the President kept contradicting himself. This much we know: Democrats would rather only deal with DACA, but Republicans want some concessions on border security first.
    Having a hard time keeping track of all this? (Go ahead and raise your hand, because that’s all of us.) Here are five immigration-related storylines you should be paying attention to.

      Salvadoran facing deportation tells his story

    2. Gerrymandering

    North Carolina must redraw its congressional map in just three weeks, because federal judges say the map is unconstitutionally partisan. This is important because it’s the first time a federal court has ruled on partisan gerrymandering. Republicans control the General Assembly in the state, thus they can draw the map, but Democrats said the map was tilted too far in the GOP’s favor. The three-week timeline is in place so that a new map can be OK’d in time for the 2018 midterm elections. Republicans plan to appeal.

      How gerrymandering got its name

    3. Russia investigation

    Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, hit both Fusion GPS, which produced the Russia dossier, and Buzzfeed, which released it, with lawsuits, saying its allegations about him are wrong. Cohen, who is named in the dossier, said BuzzFeed defamed him when it published the 35-page document and an article. He says Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson, its founder, defamed him after it hired an ex-British spy to compile the document as part of its opposition research against the Trump campaign.
    Meanwhile, Simpson told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the author of the dossier was acting on his own when he went to the FBI because he was concerned that a presidential candidate was being blackmailed, according to the 312-page transcript of his testimony.

      Trump lawyer files lawsuit against Buzzfeed

    4. California mudslides

    At least 13 people are dead after rivers of mud and debris tore through parts of Southern California. Many of the places hit are still struggling to recover from recent wildfires. A lot of the deaths were in the coastal community of Montecito. Mudslides destroyed homes there and closed a major freeway for hours. The area — littered with mud, rocks, downed power lines, trees and wrecked cars — “looked like a World War I battlefield,” said Santa Barbara County’s sheriff. Authorities rescued at least 50 people in Montecito alone, and at least two dozen people are missing.

      Oprah’s house affected by California mudslide

    5. Caribbean earthquake

    A strong earthquake rocked the Caribbean Sea, and now, the region is bracing for tsunamis. The magnitude-7.6 quake struck 27 miles off the coast of Honduras. Tsunami waves are possible for the coasts of Belize, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. “Check on your family members that live close to the sea,” a man says in a social media video filmed near the shore in Belize City.

      Strong earthquake prompts tsunami threat


    “I finally had the courage to lock my door at night and sit by it. All damn night.”
    Actress Bella Thorne, revealing on Instagram she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Her post was met with an outpouring of love and support from her fans.

      Former Disney actress reveals sexual abuse

    “Everyone seems stunned.”
    A Breitbart employee, talking about Steve Bannon stepping down from the far-right website.

      Steve Bannon stepping down from Breitbart


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    Talk about bragging rights. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of $105.1 billion, is the richest person — in history.

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    Numbers game
    Hulu crowed about its growing subscriber base, now up to 17 million. Netflix, with 85 million subscribers, smiled and said that’s real cute.

      Go behind the scenes of Hulu

    Lost in space
    Remember Zuma, the supersecret spacecraft that SpaceX launched? Well, it failed to reach a stable orbit and is feared lost.
    Welcome to Westeros
    Send a raven. A “Game of Thrones” ice hotel just opened up in Finland.
    Saharan snow
    It snowed in one of the hottest places on Earth — the Sahara desert — and it was straight-up awesome.


    ‘Hey, let’s scare the crap out of Dad’
    Two mischevious boys leave a special surprise for dear old dad in the leaf pile. (Click to view.)

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